Okay, I Lied

I'm a liar. I promised you all daily posts from UtopYA 2015, but you know what? I got busy, and I put it off. Mostly because I was having a rocking-good time. Partly because there was just no way to bottle up all that wondrous fun and post about it in a concise way that wasn't all OMG, THIS IS SO MUCH FUN, I LOVE THE WORLD, I LOVE UTOPYA, I HAVE NO VOICE BUT AM STILL HAVING A BLAST, OH THE LOVE, MY FRIENDS, HUGS FOR EVERYONE.

You know? I didn't want to look like that. :-)

Now you're probably wondering why I haven't posted anything since I've been back. And I have a laundry list of excuses, but the one I want to talk to you all about is the best one, the one that means something to me and should to you too.

Old Rag Mountain, Virginia

Old Rag Mountain, Virginia

I've been living.

If you're a creative-type, this might instantly make sense to you. If you're the type bogged down by a day job you don't like, or you're overloaded with schoolwork, or just plain whatevering, you'll probably get it too.


We forget to do this. Every. Single. One. Of. Us is guilty of NOT LIVING!

We go to work or school. We come home to chores and dinner and bath times and sitcoms and sleeping. We arrive at the weekend and complete more chores and run to stores. But none of that is really living. 

Look, Mom, no feet on the ground.

Look, Mom, no feet on the ground.

None of that is dropping chores and responsibilities to go explore the world. To make memories with friends or family. To spark the imagination.

We forget. We get caught up in duties.

And my husband and I have decided to break free. For us, living means exploring nature. It means the possibility of a bear encounter on a trail in the mountains. It means gripping steel cables mounted in rock and holding on for dear life. It means eating dehydrated foods after hiking five miles, ten, maybe more.

So that's what we've been doing. With our kids. With our dog. With each other. 

And it's fantastic.

Love, me.

Love, me.

So, my challenge to all of you, dear friends, family, and readers is to discover what living means to you. What excites you, what makes you feel alive and invigorated, and DO IT!