Upcoming Events

My already snow-covered back yard getting a few more inches on Saturday. Pretty, but oh so cold.

My already snow-covered back yard getting a few more inches on Saturday. Pretty, but oh so cold.

We've had snow on the ground for the past week. And while some across the country have been buried far longer, I'm done with the white stuff. I want warm sunshine, blue skies, sand, maybe some shrimp. Mmm. Definitely some shrimp.

And I'm going to get ALL of that--well, except for maybe the sunshine and blue skies, given the most recent weather report--this week when I venture down to Ft. Myers Florida for the Second Annual Literacy Festival at Riverdale High School.

This high school, guys, is so beyond special to me. I've never met a group of kids who are more energized about books. Or a school's administration. They buy hundreds of books for their students long in advance of the event and get them out to the students to read. Then the students draw door art, hang banners, have cover contests in their graphics design department. Practically the whole school, in some form or fashion, finds a way to be involved in the event. Students have time to plan out questions to ask their favorite authors on a panel in their theater, and if they didn't get to ask there, they get another chance while we all do classroom visits, or on the football field when we sign the books the students have purchased.

Really outstanding effort to promote literacy at this school. I applaud the staff, the students, and everyone involved with the fundraising. *claps*

I'll be there Thursday and Friday afternoon. And while you can't visit me unless you're a student or somehow involved with this particular school, you can come out to Barnes and Noble Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. I, along with nine other amazing young adult authors, will be on a panel in the book store, then signing afterward. (B&N is located at 13751 Tamiami Trail, Ft. Myers, FL 33912)

I hope to see you!

If you can't make it, you can at least keep up with what I've been reading and reviewing over on The Witty Remark. Today I reviewed The Diviners by Libba Bray. Great read!

And for those of you looking for an update on my next book, ASLEEP... I'm almost finished with the first draft! You're going to adore Rose and Phillip and feel so terrible for the hell I put them through. Keep your eyes open for teasers coming soon!