What I've Been Up To


I swear to you all that I'm alive and well. I've been working on ASLEEP (title subject to change), busy at the day job, getting excited for my sister-in-law who's about to have TWINS, and prepping for the Riverdale Literacy Festival.

Oh, and I've been reading a TON! I actually just blogged about a recent read, Snow Like Ashes, over on The Witty Remark, a website dedicated to fun reviews, banter, interviews and the like that's just getting off the ground. And one I'll be a regular contributor on. Make sure you check it out.

If you're missing my commentary, make sure you follow me on Instagram. Pictures are easy and fun to take, and they give me a quick opportunity to connect with you guys. You can follow me @krystalwade. I'm over there more often than I am anywhere these days, it seems, so come say hello and check out my new glasses!

In other news, my son has his first girlfriend (OMG!), he's halfway through his freshman year of high school (how is that possible?), reminding me that he'll be old enough for a job soon--and driving--and that I should just generally hide under a rock and scream I'M NOT GETTING OLD! However, he's been really cool. He even made an intro for my website...that I'm not sure how to use yet, but figured it would be good filler for this post!