People, Places, and Things!

As many of you know, I've been on the road lately. I love visiting new towns, seeing new faces, and talking up books all the while! Some of the best experiences I've enjoyed as an author are on these trips.


Earlier this month, I visited Winston-Salem. The lovely Elsie Elmore allowed me to crash at her place, and we, along with author Ryan Hill, melted in the heart of the city's art district all day on a Saturday. We chatted with readers, fans, future fans, and authors. We drained a dozen bottles of water. We used the excuse that we had to go to the bathroom just to go indoors and feel the cool air conditioning. And we used Wet Ones on our arms just to feel the chill they left behind on our hot skin. Yes, it was that hot. Two people were carted off in ambulances from heat exhaustion.

But all that misery is what will make Winston-Salem's book festival such a memorable event. I loved the time spent there and hope I can go back again in the future!


This past weekend, I spent all my time in Baltimore. The Inner Harbor is one of my favorite places to visit, so the idea of spending two whole days right in the heart of it really appealed to me. I shared a tent and tables with six of my fellow Curiosity Quills authors, and we greeted a variety of people both days. The most interesting of them all was this guy and his Ravens face paint!

Talk about a real fan!?! He paused to take pictures for several of the book festival goers. 

I had a senior at MICA in Baltimore stop by my booth and ask if she could draw me as part of her thesis. I was beyond flattered and then equally impressed with not only how quickly she sat there and drew me, but the quality of her work. She and I spoke almost through the entire session, and she would only cast her eyes up to glimpse detail and then return them right back to the page. I don't think I've ever seen an artist work before, but now I want to join an art class so I can see more of it, so I can explore how they work and use it in my writing. The way they capture the world! I've linked the image to Kelly's blog. You must go and check out her other pieces!


While we're on the subject of art... I spotted this beautiful--and natural--piece while walking to the festival on Sunday morning. This tree of life is literally full of life: ivy, grasses, other plants I can't name because I'm not a plant person. This was just so cool that I had to take a picture to share with you all.

Good for PNC for going "green." You can all roll your eyes now.

I love getting out there! And I just want to thank each one of you who took the time to talk with me about my books, who signed up for my newsletter and blog, and who bought a book. Without you, I wouldn't get to see these beautiful places. Without you, I couldn't be who I want to be: author. 

So, thank you!

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What's your favorite experience as a reader? Or author? And what's your absolute favorite book festival to attend? Tell me in the comments!