Vacations and Hiking and Bears...OH MY!

Did you guys miss me? Come on. I know you did.


Well, the family and I decided to go on vacation. In the mountains. Which means we really decided to go on an adventure, one that required a ton of walking, climbing, sweating, muscle aches, and a great sense of accomplishment.

Stop scratching your heads. That's MY kind of vacation!

There's just something about being in the fresh air with nothing but nature surrounding you, water rushing over rocks, birds soaring overhead, leaves whispering in the breeze, your fellow hiker trying to get around your family because your four year old is s-l-o-w!

There's also something totally incredible about eating lunch over a mile high in the sky, feet planted firmly on the slanted earth because you're one misstep away from tumbling to your demise. No joke, either.

The kids loved it. I loved it. The man loved it. I'm pretty sure none of us wanted to come back home.

But our vacation wasn't ALL hiking. We tubed down the Little River. We rode horses. We zip-lined. Yep, even the four year old. OMG! She LOVED it. And she went by herself. That moment was one of those moments in life where you question your sanity. I mean, she's four and I'm sending her across a cable 200 ft in the air at 50 mph ALONE.

photo (2).JPG

But the thing is. I did it. My 7 year old did, too. As did my 14 year old and The Man. Age didn't make my baby any different. And she begged, pleaded, and even stomped her foot to go without the instructor. They thought she rocked. I'm pretty sure I agree! I mean look at that face!

And no trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee is complete without being sucked into the tourist trap. We played miniature golf, the kids climbed the rock wall at the NOC (awesome place that you all must check out), and ate breakfast at this very cute, locally owned, locally repurposed-wood built restaurant called the Camp--or was it Breakfast Camp? Whatever. IT was good, and to know it was built entirely out of materials from locally run down barns/homes, etc. It was authentic.


And no trip to Tennessee would be complete without running into a bear.  Isn't he cute? We spotted him on the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. He ran ahead of our truck for a good mile or so, and we couldn't help taking a ton of pictures. He created quite the traffic jam, however, and I'm pretty sure all the cars behind us thought we were the luckiest assholes ever.

Anyway. I missed updating you all (sort of--I mean, it was vacation after all). Only a couple things you need to know about.

- One, check out the recording of last night's live chat with me and author Randi Cooley Wilson HERE

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- Three, you can pre-order CHARMING for Nook HERE

- Four, if you like YA and crime fiction, you should check out I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga. I'm reading it now, and it's soooo creepy!

That's all.

<3 Krystal