Word Crimes

I'd like to apologize in advance for how painful the following paragraph will be to read:

Were all gilty of it. U no u r. Sometimes its unavoidable. Sometimes u do it intentionally. And then they're our those of us who absolutely can. not. stand. it. and will do everything in our power 2 avoid it (while still being human).


This is a real problem, people. I'm seeing it more and more. And not just accidental misspellings but actual human beings who've gone through twelve years of education (at the taxpayer's expense) who do not know how to spell the word BORED.

I'm so board wit dis post. I need sumthin too do. Maybe I can go too Six Flags; I here peepl has fun over their.

If you're doing this to be cute, STOP IT. If you're doing this because you're too lazy to type out the real words, STOP IT. If you're doing this because you truly believe that's the way you're supposed to spell a word, STOP IT.

Just... stop!

I brought up this problem on Facebook the other day, and I loved reading through all the comments. One in particular had me cracking up: a woman wanted to "take a pole."

Wee, guys, I'm gripping onto the stripper pole and dancing around my house. Come on over!

Anyway, Susie stumbled across the most awesome video, as Susie usually does, by Al Yankovic that sums up my feelings perfectly. And because you know me, I'm here to share!


And if for some reason the video doesn't display here on this blog (because I'm having issues with it), just venture to Al's site and watch it there.

<3 Krystal

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