My Writing Process Blog Hop


Amy Christine Parker, author of GATED, tapped me and asked if I'd be interested in joining in on this little blog hop. She and I met in Florida at the Riverdale High School Literacy Festival back in March, which is still one of the highlights of my authorly career! You can see Amy's post on her writing process here.

1. What am I working on?

I'm currently working on a story about a girl who feels alone, lost in the trauma that is her brother's life. She's stopped loving herself and has no idea how to make herself happy. She keeps thinking if everyone else in her family is happy again, then she will be too. She's tried every religion and magic that she can think of. But when she meets someone who can grant her wishes, Kora quickly learns she's been wishing for the wrong things all along.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I like to focus on my main characters finding themselves and standing up for themselves, working with their inner-strength, then I focus on their relationships. I've noticed a lot of horrors, thrillers, fantasy, and the like all seem to focus so much of the story on the romance aspect. I like to think I make that secondary in my books. I use action and family elements to propel the story forward.

3. How does my writing process work?

Well, I've noticed that with each story I tell my process differs. With my first trilogy, I just sat down and wrote until I got to the end. With SHATTERED SECRETS, I had a one-page story idea and then wrote up character arcs, then drafted the story and revised as necessary. With Charming, however, I wrote character arcs, researched the town, houses, jobs, local businesses, grocery stores, libraries and mapped them all out to where my main character was going to live. I wrote a loose plot idea, then a twenty-thousand word outline. I had my editor revise my outline, then I drafted the book. Everything has been different. Even the new book I'm working on has a little different approach. I researched the towns, schools, found my characters, wrote my arcs, wrote down a loose idea, then changed everything as I began writing.

Once I complete my drafts and make my personal revisions, I send the book out to my beta readers, make a few more corrections, send out to my critique partners, make even more revisions, then send on to my agent. Through all of this I keep a box of tissues handy (you know, because these stories are so personal and it's hard to take criticism), lots of coffee in the machine, I lose sleep, I don't eat much, and I become so driven to finish, I lose sight of the world around me. I LOVE IT!

So... now you know a little about me. I'm going to tap Eliza Tilton, who also joined me at the Riverdale Literacy Festival. She's the author of BROKEN FOREST. Her newest book releases the same day as Charming, 10/6/14!