CHARMING Little Beginnings...and Prizes!


Every book has a beginning, a point in time where someone, somewhere, said, "AHA! I shall write a book about THIS!"

With CHARMING, that "aha" moment came when Jessa Russo and I were chatting fairy tale redux and her next book. I made a comment about her mashing up Grimm's Cinderella with Saw, and she quickly responded with something along the lines of not being able to write horror.

So, I told her how it's done. And then I loved my idea. I loved it so much that I had to beg her to continue hating horror for the rest of her life. She laughed. I plotted. We discussed book titles, everything ending "In Blood", and then the rest is history.

You might have heard me mention me not ever falling so hard for a couple of fictional characters in my life. But I don't know, unless you're a writer, if you'll ever truly understand that statement. CHARMING is my love-child. I poured my heart and soul into this novel, and I hope it shows.

To celebrate my love of this novel, I'm going to give something away every week (unless by some chance I'm broke, I've run out of ideas, or you guys decide you hate free stuff!) until October 6th! Lucky peeps!