Monday Babbles

Hello Fellow Haters of Monday, the day of rubbing sleep from your eyes, the day of grumbling that another week of work and school has started, the day of realizing you forgot to do all the laundry, homework, reading that you'd wanted to do. Yep. It's Monday.

Why does this keep happening?!

If you follow along on my blog, you'll know that this past Saturday I got to hang with the uber-cool people of Gaithersburg, Maryland at the third annual Gaithersburg Book Festival. What an amazing event! The always-supportive Susie Levine (a real-life Gaithersberger? Gaithersbergian? Whatever.) came with me and helped with math. Seriously, I work with numbers on a daily basis. You'd think I should be able to add up how much books cost. But, nope.

Lots of readers and aspiring writers stopped by my booth, chatted, bought books, and generally had a good time (at least I hope they had a good time). 

Most everyone seemed thrilled for my thriller, CHARMING, that comes out October 6th! And below is an excellent example of what you will NOT find in my Charming...


I mean, what a jerk, right? He falls in love with you, but just because you're hair isn't done up and you're not wearing a pretty dress and makeup, he can't figure out who you are? SO NOT WORTH IT!

I know every woman deserves better than that.

While we're talking CHARMING, make sure to add it to your To-Be-Read pile on Goodreads, and vote for it as the Best Teen Horror/Suspense/Thriller. Currently ranked #13!

As you all know, my next event takes place in Nashville, June 20-22. UtopYA is the event of the season. If you can swing it, stop in and visit.

Now before I end my babbling, and since we're talking country, hop on over to the "If The Boots Fit" game, and see if you can figure out which country boots you'd never catch me dead wearing. Okay, really, they were my favorite boots I found via Google. I probably would wear them. But I'm not country. I've tried. Doesn't fit me.

Love you all. Hope Tuesday brings a smile to all your lovely faces.

<3 Krystal