The $225 Tree

Hi All. It’s been some time since I’ve posted, but have no fear, it’s only because I’ve been writing AND promoting my work in other ways. You know, the get-out-of-the-house-and-meet-people ways. The traveling has been AWESOME.

photo (2).JPG

I spent the first week of March in Florida, visiting my sister, hopping around different schools (not literally, because that would be weird and they’d probably call the cops), hanging out with some of the coolest kids I’ve ever met. Big shout out to Riverdale High School and Gulf Middle School!


That same week marked the release of my fourth book, Shattered Secrets. You know you’re all dying to read it (if you haven’t already. And if you haven’t, why the heck not?!).

Not only did I release a book this month, but I also turned in edits for my fifth book, Charming, which comes out October 6th. Look out for a cover reveal on April 10th.

But, none of that is why I’m writing. I’m writing because the family and I just adopted more chickens. Yes, we’ve absolutely lost our minds. Our hearts took over. We have two new chicken coops on the way to house 26 various breeds of hens and 5 ducks. Yep, ducks. Quack. Quack.

So, to prepare for the new outbuildings, the man and I have been clearing some land. Which requires tree removal. Which requires patience, coordination, guts, stupidity, and maybe even a little money. Two hundred and twenty five dollars to be exact.

photo 3.JPG


Well, because after we chopped four or five trees down, we got a little cocky. Overzealous. Something other than the intelligent creatures we are. And we misjudged the way a ginormous tree was going to fall. Luckily, it did not land on our house.

<<But it did land here.

Pretty crazy, right?

With a phone call to Billy at Tree Times, my new hero by the way, our dilemma was solved. He expertly came in and showed that tree who’s boss—definitely not me or the man. The tree is down, in several pieces, ready for us to chop it up and haul it to the back of our property, where hopefully the people who live behind us will steal it and toss it into their monthly bonfire. (HINT HINT, NEIGHBORS!)

photo 2 (1).JPG

We’re only short $225. But I’m glad I’m not short a husband, or my kids a mother, or, you know, a four wheeler or something.

All this work for these little girls…

photo (1).JPG

Totally worth it!

Till next time!


<3 Krystal