Shattered Secrets Deleted Scene

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I wanted to run out to their car and hit Derick, then rip Abby from his arms and run her up to my room.

I hated myself for it instantly.

None of my emotions made sense when they were around. But I couldn’t deny how protective that girl made me feel—and how annoyed Derick made me by being so close to her.

So obviously in love with her.

So closely mirroring Derick and Abby from home.

My head hurt. This vacation was turning out to be the strangest one ever.

Allowing the curtains to fall back into place, I turned and found Megan standing in the patio doorway, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Megan?” Seeing this girl cry did strange things to my chest. I wrapped my arms around her delicate shoulders. “What’s the matter?”

“I’m going home.”

“Why? You can’t leave me with the hag.”

Megan pushed me away. “That’s just it, Will. It’s always about you. You don’t even notice the other people around you.”

What the . . . ? “Megs, come on. How can you say that?”

“How can I say that?” She flung her arms in the air. “How can I say that? I’ve been there for you every day, talked to you for hours, helped you with everything, and you never noticed that I love you. The instant some new girl comes along, you chase her around like a lovesick puppy . . . and she has a boyfriend! A boyfriend who loves her! You’re just as infatuated with her as you are my best friend, but never me. Never, ever me. You suck, Will Bannan. You’re a selfish pig, and I’m going home!”

Did she just say she loves me?

My heart raced, something I wasn’t used to, and my hands sweat. Did I love her back?

I had to find out. “Megan, wait.”

She gave me the finger, took off her flip-flops, then fled my house.

I tried catching up to her, but she was quite fast when barefoot, so I ran back in the house and called instead.

“This is Megan. Leave a message.”

“Hi. You love me? I mean, you love me . . . .” I sounded stupid. “Why haven’t you told me before now?”

Oh yeah, Will. Really smart. Insult her. “No, what I really mean is . . . I’m sorry. Call me. Please.”

I thought the words I love you too but couldn’t force myself to speak them. For once in my life, I had nothing to say.

So I hung up.

“Well, that was interesting.”

I closed my eyes. “What do you want, Jessica?”


“You and every other money-hungry chick who knows how much I’m worth.” Slamming down the phone, I opened my eyes and stormed toward her. “Get out.”

I shoved her out the door, grabbed the basket of keys off the sofa table and tossed them out, then shut off the music.

Everyone needed to leave.

I had too many things to figure out, like who the hell I was, and why I cared so much whether or not my dad—Derick and Abby’s current landlord—caught them?

I hurt my only real friend, had strange feelings for a girl I just met, and as hard as I tried I couldn’t get over kissing Abby Nichols in eighth grade. Until I understood how I truly felt about her and this simple, beautiful girl I met on the beach, there was no way Megan would want to be near me.

I didn’t want to be near me.