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A Zebra Like Me by Amy Maurer Jones

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So, I'm a little behind in my reviews, but I wanted to get caught up, especially now that I have a new blog/site. Amy offered me an ARC of her new book, A Zebra Like Me, and honestly I didn't know what I was getting into. The story is about a strong, high school girl dealing with the crushing reality of dealing with a much-unheard of disease: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Ehlers-Danlos is one of those diseases you can't test for, you never know what's going to happen, and most people around you think you're just pretending to get attention.

Maybelle, the book's main character, returns to school her junior year and learns SHE IS NOT ALONE. This is something everyone, everywhere, no matter what your ailment needs to know. She receives help from divine intervention, and through the assistance of this guardian angel, she learns to hold her head high, to accept help, not to single herself out, and to move forward.

This is a great story for anyone going through a hard time, and anyone who knows someone going through a hard time.

I recommend this for audiences 10+.

Want to pick up A Zebra Like Me? Check out , Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords 

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Amy Maurer Jones has been happily married to her own version of Edward Cullen for sixteen years. She lives in the small town of Tabor City, North Carolina (close to the North and South Carolina shore) with her husband Kelly and their two beautiful children, Olivia and Keaton.

Amy loves reading and writing Young Adult because she finds young people inspiring. She appreciates how teens are able to look at the world with a fresh perspective and willingly open their minds to the endless possibilities that life has to offer. She particularly enjoys writing strong heroines who face problems head on, learn, grow and mature into the type of people who do the right thing.

When Amy isn't reading and writing, she teaches high school theater arts and dance. To say that Amy has a flare for all things creative would be an understatement, just don't ask her to assemble anything that requires instructions or sadly, you will be out of luck!